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Family Matters First offers education, prevention, and intervention to children and families. We are able to help and give support - whether you just don't know what to do, where to start, or whether you are an experienced parent just needing new insights and ideas!

At our location, we provide a warm and conducive home environment set up to help minimize difficulties and create a place for each member of the family to feel more at ease during their difficult situations.

Family Matters First, LLC provides:

  • Home Environment Settings for Supervised or Unsupervised Visitations
  • Home Studies for Custody or Adoptions
  • Parent/Child Visitation Exchanges
  • Licensed Professional Counselors Available for Family/Individual/Child Therapy
  • Professional Court Testimony
  • Formal Documentation for Services Rendered
  • Spanish Translator Available for our Hispanic Clients
  • Learning How to Budget, Prepare Nutritional Meals, and Various Required Responsibilities of a Parent

Always remember ... Family Matters First ... services available for Jasper and Newton Counties.

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