High Quality Medical Care - Access Family Care (120117)

High Quality Medical Care - Access Family Care (120117)

ACCESS Family Care Medical & Dental Clinics serve southwest Missouri residents with high quality primary medical and general dentistry care. We have behavioral health and pharmacy services, for our patients. One of our most popular and utilized areas of service is obstetrics and gynecological care. Our OB / GYN care allows us to provide you with medical care, at the most important moment of your family's life! We have hospital privileges; which allows us to give care from the moment you learn you're having a child and up to delivery! We provide treatments for a wide variety of chronic diseases, including Diabetes.

On the Dental side, we do most all types of general dentistry!

ACCESS Family Care Medical & Dental Clinics came about from the vision of some forward thinking community leaders, in the mid 1990's.

This vision led to a small medical clinic in Pineville, Missouri and has grown to a mission carried out by more than 200 employees, in seven counties.

It is remarkable what a small group of people can do, when they try! As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."


"We are committed to improving the health of the medically under served of greater southwest Missouri through direct services and collaborative efforts."

We demonstrate compassion for our patients by being sensitive to their socio-economic status and ethnic diversity by providing the healthcare they need through the best and most efficient delivery methods which includes the chronic care model.

We create access to primary dental and medical healthcare by seeing patients with or without insurance or who have Medicare or Medicaid. We offer sliding fee discounts for those who qualify financially.

We respect our patients. No matter what their background or circumstance, we provide the services they need with equal respect. We as staff respect one another as we diligently serve our patients as servant-leaders.

We seek excellence in all we do. We are committed to continuous improvement through review, evaluation, and a performance improvement program that involves all levels of leadership.

Access Family Care Medical & Dental Clinics:
Corporate Office
475 Nelson Avenue
Neosho, MOi 64850
(417) 451.9450

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Joplin Clinic
530 S. Maiden Lane
Joplin, Missouri 64801
(417)782.6200 (Medical)
(417)782.0080 (Dental)
(417)782.7209 (Pharmacy)

Neosho Medical Clinic
412 E. McKinney Street
Neosho, Missouri 64850
(417)451-4447 (Medical)
(417)451-4448 (Fax)

Neosho Dental Clinic
516 W. McCord Street
Neosho, Missouri 64850
Phone: 417.451.0977
Fax: 417.451.7094

Anderson Clinic
927 N. Business 71
Anderson, Missouri 64831
(417)845.8300 (Medical)
(417)845.2273 (Dental)

Cassville Clinic
4016 Main Street
Cassville, Missouri 65625
(417)847.0057 (Medical & Dental)

Aurora Clinic
1810 S. Carnation Drive
Aurora, Missouri 65605
(417)678.1260 (Medical)
Fax: 417.678.1261

Lamar Clinic
210 W. 10th Street
Lamar, Missouri 64759
(417)681.0027 (Medical)
FAX: 417.681.0028

Carthage Clinic
215 E. 3rd St
Carthage, Missouri 64836
(417)674.2141 (Dental)
Fax: 417.237.0555

Nevada Dental Clinic
204 N. Cedar
Nevada, Missouri 64772
(417)549.6845 (Dental)
Fax: 417.549.6836

Billing Contact Information
Tel: (417) 451.9450
Fax: (417) 451.9459

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