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The greatest shopping event to hit Joplin! "A modern boutique with a vintage soul"! Blue Moon Market is open Monday-Friday from 10a-6p and Saturday 10a-5p. We are also open until 8p every 3rd Thursday. Enjoy shopping for the newest and latest from clothing to home decor, gourmet food to jewelry, and so much more! Food, entertainment and shopping! Who could ask for more? Watch our Facebook page for special events!

Three for all: Store's co-owners focus on strengths ...
This unique shopping venue is the brainchild of three Joplin ladies with a desire to express their creative side and feed their love of all things shopping! Teddy, Jeanene, and Rebecca form an eclectic group with differing tastes that are bound to insure that you will find something you love! They actively give back to the community by helping local charities with their fundraising efforts.

Teddy Steen and Rebecca Courtney watch for it -- the telltale twitch of one of Joanne Eberhart's eyes that indicates she's not exactly thrilled with a display. It's not meant as an insult -- Eberhart knows that Steen and Courtney have a good eye for displays. But they know that Eberhart is really good at it. Decoration is her strong point -- it's something she's done for years as part of house tours and exhibitions. So Courtney says that they simply cracked the code. She jokes that if they want to get Eberhart into the store they all own together, they tell her that they will work a display themselves, and that will bring Jeanene in faster than anything.

"We're all very different", Steen said. "And we appreciate the differences."

The three women are the co-owners of Blue Moon Market, a clothing and decor store at 613 S. Main St.

The code is just one example of the three women relying on each others strengths to make their business a success -- successful enough that they have opened up a second store in Arkansas!

Missing Link ...
The Blue Moon Market has been open since March of 2011, but the concept behind it has been working for many years. Courtney and Eberhart used to have a business, named All Decked Out, that they would take to trade shows and other private events.

Eberhart, who also runs a chiropractic business, met Courtney as a patient about 10 years ago. Soon after, they put their efforts to work in the decor business. Even then, the duo knew to focus on each other's strengths.

"When Jeanene and I did this, we had our specific areas," Courtney said. "She handled the decoration, I handled the books and we both did the buying. We fell into a groove."

Courtney is a master of money and business matters, the other two say. She has a knack for buying stuff that, although she may not like it, she knows others will.

Steen, who goes to the same church as Courtney, wanted to enter the same field after retiring from a 23-year career at Cable One.

"I knew she did this, and I got to talking with her in the parking lot," Steen said. "I told her I wanted to do a store, and to see what they were doing."

The store idea resonated with Courtney and Eberhart -- it was a way to expand and, even better, gain crucial storage space.

After working together, they realized that Steen's strength of talking to people and hitting a floor was what they were missing.

"She was the missing link," Courtney said. "She took what we were doing and brought it to this. Put me behind the register, and I'm happy. But customers look for Teddy."

(Parts of this article are reprinted from the Joplin Globe - December 25, 2011 - by: Joe Hadsall, Globe Features Editor)